Avera Health Moves to the Cloud

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Avera Health’s radiation oncology and medical oncology service lines serve a population of nearly one million throughout a geographical footprint of 72,000 square miles and 86 counties. Data was distributed in multiple MOSAIQ and METRIQ databases, representing multiple radiation centers and medical oncology sites. Because not all regions had dedicated support, Elekta Cloud Solutions and the move to a single database allowed Avera to use existing IT resources to service the whole health system versus a few regions.

“When we were smaller—four to six departments spread across two sites—it was manageable, but as Avera Health kept expanding its reach, it became more difficult to manage that infrastructure and the databases” says Robert Butler, BS, MLS, Avera Health Sr. Systems Analyst and a member of the in-house team tasked to gather information on transitioning MOSAIQ to a remotely hosted application.

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“Remote hosting is probably the way of the future for large healthcare organizations. It shifts capital resources away from maintaining those IT resources locally…”

Nathan Hruby
Oncology EMR Manager

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