Copy Radiation Prescriptions from One Patient to Another

Hello. My name is Jerri Hayes. I’m an Education Solutions Specialist with Elekta and today we will discuss how to copy radiation prescriptions from one patient to another.

Before we begin you will need three things: First, sample patients with pre-configured prescriptions. Many clinics use similar radiation prescriptions to treat different patients with similar diagnoses. For example, a standard breast or a standard prostate. We will use these sample prescriptions to copy to our patient Homer Simpson.  Also, you will need an affirmed diagnosis and a course entered. So to start off, we’re going to D&I and note we already have an affirmed diagnosis here and a course. So we must highlight on our course and right click anywhere in this window and scroll down to where we see copy radiation prescriptions from one patient to another, or simply press Ctrl-X.

We click that. It gives us our select patient window. So we’re going to select from my sample patients and we’re going to choose the prostate one for this example. Double click that and now, if you note, those two prescriptions have come over into our patient’s chart. If we open the radiation prescription here, we’ll note that Homer Simpson now has a pelvis prescription and a pelvis boost.

A few things to note when you copy a radiation prescription: First, any information that you enter into that sample patient including the technique, modality and your dose, will automatically come over. Also, any sequencing that you have set in your sample patient will also show up. So here, our boost is set to start one day after fraction 25 of a pelvis prescription. Another thing to note is that both copy prescriptions will have a status of pending. Even if your sample patient has a status of approved for the prescriptions, your copy prescription will always have a pending status. So we can close that.

There is another way to copy a prescription. So I’m going to go to another patient. Go to Bart Simpson this time and also go back up to D&I. So here note, we have our affirmed diagnosis and also our course. You want to highlight that course and go over to the radiation prescription button. We click this, it opens up a radiation prescription window and in this window, you’re also able to right click and copy radiation prescriptions from another patient or also Ctrl-X. If we do that, we have our select patient window again so we can select our patient. This time let’s choose the lung patient and select. Notice that the prescription has come over, all the information is here, the status is pending and also the sequence is the same. This is for every other day.

I hope this has helped you learn how to copy a radiation prescription from one patient to another. If you have any further questions, please refer to the sales force. Thank you very much.