Managing Window and Panes

Hello. This is Cari with Elekta Education. In this video, we’re going to learn how to customize the MOSAIQ toolbar. We’ll add and remove icons, change the sequence of icons, rename them, and groups them in different ways. When you log on to MOSAIQ, a shortcut toolbar is displayed at the top of the screen. When you right-click within this toolbar area, you select “Customize” to open the editor.

This window is divided into two sections, the categories and the command section. The easiest way to find everything is to click on this “All Commands” category, and it’s going to show all available options, icon options on the right. When you right-click inside the command section, you can sort those commands alphabetically. This makes it much easier to review and find the item that you’re looking for.

To add a new icon, you’re simply going to click on the item and drag it up to the toolbar. You’ll want to be careful to drag the item between other icons so that it shows a black line. To demonstrate, I’m going to grab this Infusion Center Schedule. I’m just going to drag and drop it between some previous icons. Okay? When I am dragging the icon up, you can see again that black bar, but if you see a … If you try to add it to the end and you see a black X up here, you must know that it won’t stick if you see the black X, so you must have it to line up with that black bar.

While we are with this toolbar editor open, I can shift around the icons. If I no longer want them in this order, I can move them around. Again, you’ll see the black bar up here, and there’s a couple other things I can do with this toolbar as your box is open. I can rename the item. In this case, I just right-click on the item itself, and I get a new menu to pop up. In this name section, I can just change the title altogether.

I also have the ability to change the image and adjust the text. Again, there’s a couple of different options in this window. If I just click out of it, you can see that we’ve changed the title here to “Infusion.” You may have also noticed the dark lines that appear. Those are groups, and I can begin a group by highlighting on an icon that I want the line to appear just to the left of, so if I right-click on this “MO Treat” and I want the line to appear to the left, I select “Begin a Group” and it will pop that line in.

Thanks for tuning in to learn how to configure your toolbar. I hope this was helpful, and keep an eye out for other education videos. Thank you.