Lab Results and Work List

Hello, this is Cari from Elekta Education here to talk about the lab results work list. This work list can be viewed from either the home screen or the chart screen. Both require that the pane must be added to the layout view. From the home screen the lab results work list can be configured to show unreviewed results on all patients. Note that I’ve got multiple patients displayed in this list up above. Or it can be viewed from the patient’s chart to show all results on that particular patient. We open a patient’s chart, we can also see the benefit of having the lab results work list is the ability to view the trend lines and graphs on one particular patient.

Let’s take a look at the filter options in both areas. Since we’re in the patient’s chart, again we’re only displaying labs for this chosen patient. Let’s select the filter button to make sure that we can see both pending and reviewed items, and a wide open date range. We want to be able to see all of the history for this patient. We want to see all statuses. Click save to get back.

Now, let’s look at the filters on the home screen. Again, the filter button … But here you’ll want to narrow the date range and identify a staff member, or whichever provider is ordering. I can change this to this week or something along those lines. Here I’m going to select which provider’s labs I want to see. Because we’re opening this up to all patients as a work list, we want to only show pending and un-reviewed for this to be useful. We don’t want this reviewed item to be checked.

Now for the buttons along the top here. Show result sets is this section up above that has all the different patient names. If I collapse this button, I can still look at each lab by using these arrows. It basically just is going to click through what would normally be viewable in this result set. I can use this to click through. Collapsing it just gives me a little bit more space.

However, if I do display it, I can select multiples and review in a batch. Using the control button on my keyboard, and clicking with my mouse, you can see I can select multiple items, and I can click the review button to do all of them in a batch. The review button is only active when you use the quick approval check box at the log in screen.

Reviewing will add your initials as the reviewer, and also change the status to reviewed. Since we’re only looking at pending and unreviewed items, these labs will drop out of this list since it’s a work list. You can also use this previous and next set instead of this little arrows. Once you have selected a patient, you can add an order from just within this window on that selected patient. You can also add a quality check list or even open the patient’s chart.

The info button if set up will take you out to med line plus, where you can get more information on specific labs for a patient. Down in the area below, in the summary, you can see even more detail on the lab result. The trend line displays where there’s lab history. Selecting an entry will of course display in the graph on the right, so depending on which patient’s labs your seeing, we’re looking now of course at a CBC and some chemistry results. I can see multiple entries create this trend. If I hover over the data item, I can see the date that it was done, as well as the result itself. I can also select multiples holding down the control key, and clicking to see all of the trend lines available to view. Thanks for tuning in.