Pharmacy Order Favorites

Hello, this is Heidi Gorsuch with Elekta Education. Today I’m presenting a session on pharmacy order favorites, how you can actually manage these to your best advantage. Currently, we’re looking at the pharmacy area. We’re in the pharmacy workspace and I’m in the ordering window. From here what I’d like to do is I’d like to come over to add button over on the right side. If we’re the provider, immediately we have a choice to make. Are we going to be ordering an in-house treat, in-house pick-up, external pick-up, from favorites, or order set? Now, if you’re actually going to create a script from scratch, you could pick external pick up, but let’s say that we want to use an item that’s from a favorites list. I’m going to go ahead and select from favorites. What I’m going to see in front of me is my list of favorites, so I’m Dr. Bunker and I’m looking at the list of favorites that’s been created for me or that I’ve helped create. Notice too, these are arranged so they’re in different groups. A little bit easier to find what you’re looking for. Now, if I look over on the right, the very last button is for master list. I’m going to go ahead and select master.

What happens is, at the bottom I can also peruse the list of items that have been ordered by some of my colleagues as well. There may be something on this list that I would want to use for my current patient. I have one other option. Instead of looking at my list, I could look at a list of one of my colleagues. Maybe I want to look at Dr. McDonald’s list. The point is, I could come in, look at his list, and say oh, well I want to order off of this particular list. I’m going to change back over to my list though, and what I’d like to do is, I’m going to just scroll down, looking at the different areas I have. Perhaps I want to select a medication for pain, so I’m looking at Tylenol. Now, before I actually finalize this script, I want to open up the existing information so that I can review it and also so I can revise it as necessary and appropriate. So, I’m going to highlight, come over to the right, and I’m going to select this for patient.

The script I’ve selected is going to open up and I’m going to look over all of the different fields. I’m going to start at the top. I am ordering Tylenol codeine 3. The ordering dose is 1 to 2 tablets as the order stands now. We can have generic substitutions. The quantity is listed at 60. Well, maybe I don’t want to prescribe 60 for my patient, but I want to prescribe 30 tablets instead, so I’ve made a change. I’m going to look over the rest of the information about the frequency, about the routing, and make sure everything is appropriate. Now, if I think that I’m ever going to prescribe this script again, I’d like to have this on my favorites list for the future use. What I’m going to do is come over to the right and I’m going to click on add favorite. This particular script is now part of my favorites list. From here, I’m going to go ahead, I’m going to click on approve, and this prescription will then be sent off to the pharmacy. Thank you very much. I appreciate you watching my presentation today. Again, we’re talking about how you’re prescribing using your favorites list.