Hi. My name’s Taylor Arnold. I’m an Education Solutions Specialist with Elekta. IQ Scripts are a way to automate your workflow within MOSAIQ, by triggering actions and linking them together. For instance, if you utilize QCLs, when you complete one QCL it can automatically trigger the next to be created. IQ Scripts can really improve your whole department’s workflow efficiencies, from the front desk to when the patient calls and needs to schedule a consultation appointment, all the way through a simulation, to treatment planning, to end of treatment, by just linking together these workflows and guaranteeing that there aren’t any steps that are missed along the process.

If you’re new to IQ Scripts, the first thing you want to do is evaluate how you’re currently using MOSAIQ. You want to make sure that you are entering data into MOSAIQ that is going to allow you to script off of that data. For instance, if you’re using e-scribe templates to create orders, you want to consider taking those orders out of the documentation, and creating quick orders or RO care plans that will include those procedure orders, that you can then trigger QCL task or documentation off of automatically. The next thing would be the training piece, so we do have tools on SupportPlus, some e-learning labs and user guides. You can have WebEx training associated to purchasing IQ Scripts, but I would definitely take the time and money to actually have an Elekta trainer come on site, and sit down. They’ll help you evaluate your workflow, and help you implement the IQ Scripts that are going to help enhance your workflow.

We have an e-learning lab on SupportPlus that’ll walk you through how to build IQ Scripts, and we also have a user guide on support plus that’ll walk you through how to build IQ Scripts, and how to manage the IQ Scripts. We have internal documentation that we’ve created that’ll help you track your IQ Scripts once you’ve implemented them in your department. You can always call Elekta Support if you have a question about MOSAIQ IQ Scripts, but if you’re interested in implementing IQ Scripts in your department, you want to work with your Elekta client manager, and find out if you can get on-site training or perhaps WebEx training with an education solutions specialist that is experienced in IQ Scripts and workflow.