Using the Queue

You can manually queue a patient from many schedules within MOSAIQ. First we will review how to do this from a legacy schedule such as the daily master. We will begin by opening the daily master schedule, selecting an appointment for a patient we want to queue by clicking to highlight. Right mouse click and select queue patient or control plus the Q key. This opens a dialogue box, which shows available locations from the drop down arrow is selected. You can either double click or highlight the correct location and click select. Click OK and when returning to the schedule the appointment will now show a Q. This will alert staff the patient is in the department and available for his or her appointment.

Queue details can be easily seen to verify or change the location the patient has been queued into. For example, if a patient has a consult appointment, which is on both the doctor and the nurse location schedule. The appointment can easily be changed from the nursing location to the doctor location. The queue can easily be updated to reflect the new location or change so that all staff is aware of the patient location within the department. To do this, right mouse click on the queued location. Select view destination queue or control D. This will open a dialogue box, which shows tracking information.

Note the drop down arrow next to the view box at the top. This can be used to toggle between either department view or destination view. Department view shows all queued appointments regardless of what destination the appointment is scheduled and could show more than one patient. The destination view will open a second filter with the various locations configured into your system. It will default to the location selected on the patient appointment slip when the appointment was entered into the schedule. From the dialogue box, the appointment that is queued can be changed to a different location by clicking change and selecting a new location from the drop down arrow. Double click or highlight your location, click select, click OK and now we can see the changes that were made from nursing to exam room 1 MD for the location.

Details of changes can also be seen by selecting the detail button on the lower right hand side. This shows changes to the appointment including location changes, time in or time arrived, staff who have queued or changed the appointment and time out or departing time from that location. Once an appointment is queued, it is essentially locked until it is resolved or deleted. To delete an appointment, click the delete button. Confirm by selecting yes. By clicking yes, the record will be immediately deleted from the queue but the appointment will stay on the schedule as we see here.

Now let’s review how to queue in a user defined schedule. For this I will use one configured called check in schedule. The right mouse options within a user defined schedule are slightly different than a legacy schedule because they can be configured by your MOSAIQ administrator. Options from a right mouse for a user defined schedule include: change queued location, delete from queue, show queued details.

The queue process for a user defined schedule is the same. Click up to highlight the patient appointment you want to queue. Right mouse click queue patient or control plus Q, and select a location. Again you can either double click or highlight, click select, click OK. Now we can see the status for this appointment is now have a queue and a location for this user defined schedule shows us where it is at. To change the location, highlight the patient appointment on the schedule, right mouse click and say change queued location. Drop down arrow, select from your location directory, double click or highlight, click select, click OK.

Now on our schedule we see it changed from nursing to MD. To review any changes made, again highlight the patient appointment, right mouse show queued details. This will show changes to the appointment again including any location, time in, staff who changed or queued and time out, time that was departing time from that location. To delete a record that has from the queue, right mouse, delete from the queue. Again verify that this highlighted record is the one you want to delete and it drops out of the queue. This ends our short instruction on queuing a patient.