Efficiencies With IQ Scripts

Hello, my name is Wendi Waugh and I’m from Southern Ohio Medical Center located in Portsmouth, Ohio. We use IQ Scripts in radiation oncology and medical oncology. We have several of those. We are initiating assessments based on the patient check in and we’re using a whole host of them in radiation oncology.

I don’t think you can underestimate the value of the efficiencies of IQ Scripts. It really has eliminated so much of the delays in cross communication. We’re a relatively small department, yet just being able to find time to talk to the physicist or say this or that to make something when the physicist completes something automated to the therapist so that they can start their step has been really critical.

One of the ways that, honestly, we’ve implemented IQ Scripts is the fact that we have premium support. We have taken advantage every year of having someone actually come to our site and actually help us develop and implement IQ Scripts. I personally have not found that implementing IQ Scripts is intuitive. You really have to practice and try a few simple ones and then stair step in terms of complexity before you get it. It’s fantastic, but sometimes you don’t get it and you have to build a few first and use them until you can realize the utility.