Julie Renaud: We’ve been customers here in Ottawa since 2004. The platform was called Multi-ACCESS at the time and we had used the quality checklist tool as a way to track the patient virtually in the system. It was a pay-it-forward type approach, where I had to remember to complete my task and then move it forward to the next play area in the line. Just recently with the use of IQ Scripts, we were able to automate these task, so we’re saving thousands and thousands clicks for our users who don’t have to remember what’s the next step in the process. It’s also standardized with knowing the flow of where the patient needs to go at each step. IQ Scripts really helped us in reducing the amount of clicks and enhancing the user experience.

I think the initial use of quality checklist helped for sure. IQ Scripting is another one. Care plans, the use of care plans and coming together to agree on specific ways to treat patients as much as possible to standardize the care. Also allowed us to leverage all these fields that we were defining in the database to report on, so we can have real time date on our clinic, our patients, how well we’re doing and use that data operationally at every step of the way to make crucial decisions in the future.